AMT Overview

Advanced Molecular Technologies (AMT) is a specialist chemical manufacturer providing products and services to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. AMT is also focused on the development and commercialisation of new intellectual property and products within its area of expertise. In particular, AMT offers:

•Custom synthesis of organic chemicals

•Contract Services


•Collaborations/co-development in the medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical fields.

•A catalogue of chemicals specializing in organoboron, organosilicon, nucleoside, bioactive, diaryl, benzimidazole and halogenated compounds. Search by structure or category.

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Our Partners

Scaled Organics

For our Australian customers

We have recently added a page containing pricing and other information for our Australian customers. Please click here to view our competitive prices.

Sea freight items in stock in Australia (NEW)

More than 1200 organoborons

As of January 2017, there are in excess of 1200 organoborons in our catalogue with more being added monthly.

International distributors

In Europe, our products are listed and sold in partnership with Key Organics and significant stock is held in the UK.

In the USA, our products are sold through AK Scientific.

In Japan, we sell our products through Shigematsu & Co. NMR